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Expert Communications utilizes 15 satellites, giving above par global coverage on Ku-Band and C-Band, with a market focus in regions such as the Africa, Our satellites are strategically located to transmit radio signal in multiple platforms, covering continents and oceans. The combined Ku-Band and C-Band footprints result in superior global coverage. Expert Communications also offers a complementary 24/7/365 professional support by our team of professionals in our strategically located in South Sudan.

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VSAT C-Band in field bases this is the most stable choice accessible as itis not sensitive to any weighty rains that occur in the area compared with Ka/Ku/C-band. With an extensive array of Ku-band antennas, Our Teleport can provide solutions with a wide range of satellite services to both local and international clients for occasional and full-time usage. Our solutions are based on the satellite Ku/C-band Africa located at Satellite: Arabsat 5C - Position: 20° East, AFRICASAT-1a satellite at 46.0°E Ku-band, ST3, Orbital Location 75° EAST, C-band and ABS-3A-C-BAND with good coverage of South Sudan for this site. The lifespan of satellite is expected to be 15 years.

Satellite Characteristics:
Prime orbital position (46°E) offering High power footprints over Azerbaijan, East Africa, Central Asia, Europe and Africa using 24 C-band and 12 Ku-band transponders to provide services in these regions. Designed for several telecommunication applications including High-Speed IP Trunking Links. Launched to provide broadband and broadcast services to customers in Azerbaijan, East Africa, Central Asia, Europe and Africa.

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